Missing out on ExaCt 2011 fun

The workshop series on Explanation-aware Computing is my baby and I am saddened that I cannot participate in it this year due to move to the UK. To my great relief, my co-organisers Nava Tintarev and David Leake will more than make up for my absence. Have a look at the agenda to see what’s in store for all you explanation-enthusiasts out there.

Besides many interesting refereed contributions (see proceedings here) participants will discuss such topics as „What are the common properties of explanation systems? Can a high level model be devised?“ and „How do evaluation criteria relate to each other?“. At least, that’s these are our suggested topics. Maybe other topics will come up and will be covered by attendees. Another highlight will be Nava’s talk in which she is addressing the question of „What makes good explanations?“.

Autor: trb

Thomas Roth-Berghofer ist Jugendbuchautor im Team Tom Alex und Thrillerautor im Team Alex Thomas. Er lebt und arbeitet mit seiner Frau in Norddeutschland. Er war viele Jahre lang Wissenschaftler und Professor für Künstliche Intelligenz an einer Londoner Universität. Jetzt widmet er sich ganz dem Schreiben und Übersetzen.

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