UKCBR and AI 2008 in Cambridge

DSC01826.jpg Already a month ago I enjoyed very much going to the 28th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence AI 2008 and the UK Case-Based Reasoning workshop UKCBR 2008. The workshop was the thirteenth of this successful series. It was the first time I went to either event and I intend to go again. That they took place in Cambridge at Peterhouse college was an added bonus. You can find some photos here.

I had my hands full with four presentations over the course of the three days.

At UKCBR I presented the „Explanation Capabilities of the Open Source Case-Based Reasoning Tool myCBR“ (co-authored with my student Daniel Bahls). I am also happy that Miltos Petridis, organiser of UKCBR invited me to demonstrate the rapid prototyping capabilities of myCBR in a demonstration session.

A special highlight was the invited talk „Using Statistical Translation Models for Textual CBR“ by Luc Lamontagne from Laval University, Québec, Canada.

At AI-2008 I gave two talks, both related to my explanation research. The presentation „Code Tagging and Similarity-based Retrieval with myCBR“, also co-authored with Daniel, presented the coTag system. coTag is a code tagging plug-in that allows annotating code snippets in the integrated development environment eclipse. It offers an easy-to-use interface for tagging and searching not only for exactly the same but for similar tags. For better understanding how coTag comes up with its solution we used the above mentioned explanation capabilities of myCBR.

My second talk was based on a paper I wrote with another student, Florian Mittag: „ReduxExp: An Open-source Justification-based Explanation Support Server“. Here we worked on a mechanism for recording decisions of information systems. In the talk I described the architecture of ReduxExp and first experiences with the system.

Highlights of AI 2008 surely were the machine intelligence competition with live presentations (strictly limited to 15 minutes each) and the Gala Dinner held by candlelight (and without enough heating!) in the dining hall of Peterhouse college.


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