5th International Workshop on Philosophy and Informatics WSPI 2008

Already several weeks ago my 5th International Workshop on Philosophy and Informatics took place at the new institute building in Kaiserslautern. The workshop started with a very well received and very well attended keynote talk by Prof. Luciano Floridi on „Understanding the information turn: the fourth revolution“. Luciano presented the coming of the information age as information revolution where we become inforgs, informational organisms, living in an infosphere. The information revolution can be seen as the fourth revolution after humanity moved away from a heliocentric world view (first revolution), learned that humans evolved from common ancestors over time (second revolution), and recognised the power of our unconsciousness (third revolution). His discussion of the effects of this revolution for our future were thought-provoking and left a deep impression with the attendees as I learned in quite a few discussions even weeks later.

The keynote set the tone for the rest of the workshop. Most presentations are available from the agenda at workshop homepage. The proceedings are available online as CEUR workshop proceedings, Vol-332.


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