1st Sino German Symposium on Knowledge Handling in Beijing, China (PRC)

Today I start my trip to Beijing (I haven’t yet blogged about it as I just recognized. How lazy …). I have been invited to participate in the First Sino German Symposium on Knowledge Handling: Representation, Management, and Personalised Application, where I will give a talk on explanation. Here is more about the event:

The Chinese-German Center (CDZ) for science foundation which is a common institution of the DFG (German Science Foundation) and the National Science Foundation of China accepted the proposal of Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer for the „1st Sino-German Symposium on Knowledge Handling: Representation, Management and Personalized Application“ (4.-8. November 2007) in Beijing. The CDZ supports conferences concerning key topics of science which should be discussed by experts and leading scientists of China and Germany. The main issue of the conference is the development of personalized information and communication systems tailored to the individual profile of a user and his/her preferences. The topic is interdisciplinarily considered from technical, cognitive, social, and economic points of view. The conference is organized by Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer as Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Informatics and his former coworker and Ph.D. student in Augsburg Prof. Dr. Jiyou Jia (Beijing University). (see University of Augsburg)

As this is my first trip to China I am very excited. I am looking forward to this experience.

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