FGWM 2006 – Workshop and meeting of the SIG Knowledge Management

Every couple of years the special interest group Knowledge Management organizes a workshop in order to meet and discuss work in progress. I enjoy these events especially because it is a great opportunity for networking, refreshing existing as well as building new contacts in the knowledge management community. For example, at the last meeting at Humboldt University Berlin (FGWM 2004) I met a Diploma Student presenting a poster for some research work from another DFKI department in Saarbrücken. He was at this event by chance and learned a great deal about research and research work. In the meantime he became a researcher, something he never considered before.
I would like to encourage students to consider pursueing a career in academia and to think about submitting a paper and/or to visit this event at the University of Hildesheim: FGWM 2006.
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