Explanation-aware Thinking, Design and Computing

I will be giving a talk at the BCS event Real Artificial Intelligence — A special one-day event showcasing Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence on Friday, 7 October 2016, at the British Computer Society London Office in Covent Garden. You can register online here.

Title: Explanation-aware Thinking, Design and Computing

Abstract: Explanation, trust, and transparency are concepts that are strongly associated with information systems. The ability to explain reasoning processes and results can substantially affect the usability and acceptance of a software system. Within the field of knowledge-based systems, explanations are an important link between humans and machines. There, their main purpose is to increase confidence of the user in the system’s result (persuasion) or the system as a whole (satisfaction), by providing evidence of how the solution was derived (transparency). For example, in recommender systems good explanations can help to inspire user trust and loyalty, and make it quicker and easier (efficiency) for users to find what they want (effectiveness). This talk presents important concepts for analysing and developing software systems with explanation capabilities and illustrates them with example implementations.


Autor: trb

Thomas Roth-Berghofer ist Romanautor im Autorenteam Alex Thomas. Er lebt und arbeitet mit seiner Frau in Norddeutschland. In seinem früheren Leben war er u. a. Professor für Künstliche Intelligenz. Jetzt widmet er sich ganz dem Schreiben.

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