A busy year and a lot of plans

What an incredible academic year this has been. Since my last blog post I have become Acting Head for the School of Computing and Technology and been busy with a multitude of things: developing a new portfolio of undergraduate courses in Computing and adding to the Technology portfolio, developing the postgraduate portfolio by adding internship options to most MSc courses, connecting the School with the other departments and academic schools at the University of West London, connecting the School with the local community and developing relations with businesses in West London.

The highlight of this academic year for me and my proudest moment was when the School took part in the Graduation Summer Showcase for the first time and got great feedback. Alongside graduates of the London College of Music and the Ealing School of Art, Design and Media, some of our graduates presented their final year projects. There is so much more to showcase in the future, and we will.

This week will be pivotal in my career and determine the course of it for the next few years. I have a lot of plans for the School and a lot of talented and great colleagues to help me realise them. I’ll keep you posted.

Autor: trb

Thomas Roth-Berghofer ist Jugendbuchautor im Team Tom Alex und Thrillerautor im Team Alex Thomas. Er lebt und arbeitet mit seiner Frau in Norddeutschland. Er war viele Jahre lang Wissenschaftler und Professor für Künstliche Intelligenz an einer Londoner Universität. Jetzt widmet er sich ganz dem Schreiben und Übersetzen.

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