The new name of my research group: Centre for Intelligent Computing

sigpi-logo-schwarz.pngWhen I joined UWL in September 2011, I ‘inherited’ the Centre for Model-driven Software Engineering. Renamed, Centre for Model-based Software Engineering and Explanation-aware Computing, it set out to combine the two strands of research, software engineering and artificial intelligence. In the light of my research group’s development since then I came to the conclusion that the name of the centre had become an ill  fit. In order to raise the profile of the respective research I named it Centre for Intelligent Computing (CIC).

Both centres, the Centre for Model-based Software Engineering and the new CIC,  cooperate closely. Together we will further develop our research vision, the Smart University, in which, among other topics, the centres employ sensor technology to collect data on room utilisation and link this data with other knowledge sources.


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Thomas Roth-Berghofer schreibt Romane unter den Pseudonymen Tom Alex und Alex Thomas, übersetzt Texte aus dem Englischen und designt Cover für Bücher und Musikalben.

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