My first talk about the Smart University vision

Smart University Talk

On 3 May I had the opportunity to give a talk on the Smart University at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. I had been invited to present in the Digital Technologies Research Talks series organised by the School of Computing & the IDEAS Research Institute.

The Smart University is the vision of the university as a platform that acquires and delivers foundational data to drive the analysis and improvement of the teaching & learning environment. Sensor-data, linked (open) data, and formalised teaching knowledge are the three sources that we are tapping. In this talk he presented first results of our efforts. Low-cost motion detection and other sensors coupled with low-cost credit-card sized computers such as the Raspberry Pi open up opportunities to equip rooms with sensors. As the Raspberry Pi is a full-fledged computing device not only can one acquire data, but also process it in context. Case-based reasoning is a problem-solving approach that allows to capture and re-use experience. With our toolset around the myCBR Workbench we started formalising teaching experience in Applied Sound Engineering and gold ore pretreatment knowledge to support students in their individual learning situations.

You can find the slides of the talk here.


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