Constructing Understandable Explanations for Semantic Search Results

I am also happy that another paper has been accepted for publication at EKAW 2010 – Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Masses, Lisbon, Portugal:

Constructing Understandable Explanations for Semantic Search Results by Björn Forcher, Thomas Roth-Berghofer, Michael Sintek, and Andreas Dengel

Abstract. The research project MEDICO aims to develop an intelligent, robust, and scalable semantic search engine for medical images. The search engine of the MEDICO demonstrator RadSem is based on formal ontologies and designated for different kinds of users such as medical doctors or patients. Since semantic search results are often hard to understand, an explanation facility was integrated into RadSem. For justifying search results, the facility applies the same ontologies as RadSem by showing a connection between query and result. The constructed explanations are depicted as semantic networks containing various medical concepts and labels. This paper addresses the tailoring of justifications to different kinds of users regarding such quality aspects as understandability or amount of information. The presented user experiment shows that under certain conditions the quality of justifications can be pre-estimated by considering the usage frequency of medical terms in natural language. [This research work was supported in part by the research program THESEUS in the MEDICO project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (01MQ07016). Responsibility for this publication lies with the authors.]


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