KI 2008 – Artificial IntelIigence comes to (K-)town

This week will become quite a busy week at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern*. The 31st annual German conference on AI KI 2008 is co-organised with the University of Kaiserslautern. KI 2008 and takes place at DFKI and the University of Kaiserslautern. DFKI celebrates also its 20th birthday, which added considerably to my workload over the last year. I am also very much looking forward to MATES 2008, the German Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies, co-located with KI 2008.


31st Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence KI 2008

31st Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence KI 2008

As with every conference, it is a pleasure to finally start with the conference. Nearly all my work as Workshop Chair is done and in a few hours I will meet again friends and colleagues from all over Europe. This evening we just hold an informal reception for the early arriving participants who already want to register. Tomorrow is dominated by the workshops and tutorials, followed by nearly full three days of technical programme with talks, demos and robots, and a poster session. The conference dinner is a joint event of KI / MATES and the 20th anniversary celebration of DFKI.

With KI 2008 we introduce conference link (C-LINK), the new platform for one’s individual conference organisation and social networking with other attendees. C-LINK features

  • Sharing papers, slides and other resources,
  • Recommendations for KI 2008 events (talks, posters, demos),
  • Your personal conference plan,
  • Finding similar c-link users,
  • Whiteboard, Chat,
  • And more.

C-LINK uses several technologies developed at DFKI:

  • ALOE, the social resource and metadata hub,
  • DynaQ, dynamic desktop search for document-based, personal information spaces, and
  • myCBR, the open-source case-based reasoning tool that I develop together with my colleague Armin Stahl.

We are looking forward to the comments by the conference attendees.

* Kaiserslautern is often called K-Town by American soldiers stationed in this region.


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