Network of Excellence MUSCAT: Modeling and USing Context in Artificial cogniTive systems

-)Last week was very busy with EU project proposals for our department and myself. Beside the STREP proposal that I co-ordinated (Mnemosyne), I worked on a Network of Excellence (NoE) proposal, which was co-ordinated by my colleague and friend Patrick Brézillon. The NoE, if funded, will help me continue and further strengthen my research on contextual issues in the context (no pun intended) of explanation-capabilities of knowledge-based systems. The proposal abstract says:

The [Network of Excellence MUSCAT: Modeling and USing Context in Artificial cogniTive systems] brings together researchers involved in context modelling in human and computer-based reasoning for artificial cognitive systems (ACSs). This international and interdisciplinary community has emerged over the past ten years. However, the community appears to be a patchwork because there has been no attempt up to now to consolidate, federate or, at least, coordinate the different efforts in order to advance the field. Each partner studies some aspects of context but rarely in relation with aspects studied by other partners. Moreover, the community is 75% European. However, several groups with the same concern appear across the world. Thus European researchers have decided to join their forces and expertise, first to develop a joint research program, share, exchange and cooperate, and then to unite and lead the rest of the international community.

The MUSCAT network has the following main objectives in the areas of modelling and application of context in artificial cognitive systems:

  • Unify the fragmented high-level expertise of partners across fields for long term cooperation, for example, on robots handling tangible objects, building models of surrounding environments, monitoring and controlling material and information processes.
  • Enable interaction within the community involved in context research across disciplines and countries by promoting a close combination of research, training and education, more specifically in fields such as learning, healthcare, public safety, environmental monitoring, intelligent transportation, etc.
  • Disseminate and share with the rest of the scientific community the data, information, knowledge, tools and products related to context accumulated by the Network of Excellence.
  • Transfer to enterprises intellectual and software resources, tools and prototypes on context developed within the NoE, and therefore enhance the European industry’s capacity to innovate and compete effectively.

I am very proud to be part of such a high-calibre consortium of colleagues and friends at

  1. Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6, France: Patrick Brézillon (Co-ordinator)
  2. Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz DFKI GmbH, Germany: Sven Schwarz and trb (Yes, I still like to work with me!)
  3. New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria: Boicho Kokinov
  4. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway: Agnar Aamodt, Anders Kofod-Petersen, and John Krogstie
  5. Roskilde Universitetscenter, Denmark: Henning Christiansen
  6. Universita degli studi di Trento, Italy: Fausto Giunchiglia and Pavel Shvaiko
  7. Lulea University of Technology, Sweden: Arkady Zaslavsky

The network introduces the concept of local nodes, which will be co-ordinated by the main consortium partners. We could already include in the proposal

  1. Université de Savoie,France
  2. Université Claude Bernard – Lyon 1, France
  3. Université Paris X, France
  4. Université Paris 8, France
  5. Fundación Robotiker (TECNALIA-RBTK), Spain
  6. FHG-FIT, Germany
  7. Fundation Bruno Kassler FBK-IRST, Italy

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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