Is blogging dangerous for my academic career?

I ask myself this question from time to time. But in the end I come to the same conclusion as Daniel Lemire:

„if blogging prevents you from getting tenure, something is very wrong with your blogging or your school.“ [see The negative myths about academic blogging]

On the contrary, being open about what I think hopefully gives me some competitive edge. And, again following Daniel’s argumentation, I doubt my colleagues will pay any attention to my blog when I apply for a professorship. Do you?


2 Antworten zu “Is blogging dangerous for my academic career?

  1. Even if you put your blog URI on the first page of your c.v., I doubt most professors would check it out.

    Those that will be interested by your blog, will almost surely find it interesting that you have blog. They will be the cool guys. There are always few of those.

    Gefällt mir

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