Nintendo Wii meets Apple Keynote – Making a wish II

As Judi Smith pointed out there already is a possibility to use the Wii mote with the Mac. Remote Buddy lets one use a wide range of remote controls, including the Wii mote (but, unfortunately, not my older Keyspan model 😦 ). But watching the respective presentation reveals that the Wii mote is only used as a standard remote control. There is an infrared source—for example a tea-light (sic!)—necessary (for positioning, I assume). The motion-sensors are not used in the way I described earlier. In fact, the motion-sensors are not used at all. But the possibility is pointed out at the website.

Judi also points out that one needs to additionally use something like FlyGesture, but this still cannot provide the whole illusion I have in mind. There is no feedback between the execution of slide change effects and the (swiftness of the) gesture. This is why I “asked” Apple to do something about it. Apple would need to provide hooks to allow the user to control the speed of the animation. For example, if you want to tear off a page or turn a page very slowly in order to uncover some secret, maybe even give only a brief glimpse at the next page and then cover the page again … well.

[composed and posted with ecto]


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