Nintendo Wii meets Apple Keynote – Making a wish

Most of my friends and colleagues are hyped up about the Wii console. And it is the first time I can understand the hype about a game console. I even might get hooked up, too, if I am not careful 😉 Being physically active in a game and not just your mind and fingers is intriguing.

Many years back I had the chance to play some very simple game in a 3d virtual reality environment. I do not remember too much about it. I stood on a platform wearing a heavy, uncomfortable headset. The headset contained two small (not so high resolution) monitors in front of my eyes and some motion sensors that allowed the system to change the scenery, depending on where I turned my head to. It was quite an experience. But due to the hardware costs, I imagine, nothing came from it and the game disappeared. The Wii console seems to be a very good development of current play stations going into the direction of games where you are totally immersed.

Well, thinking about the Wii controllers with motion-sensing technology and some stuff I currently read about presentation skills (see, for example, the two inspirational blogs Presentation Zen and Les Posen’s CyberPsych Blog) I wondered how more interesting one could make a presentation if one had a remote control like a Wii controller for Keynote presentations. A presentation always is kind of a performance, isn’t it? Some presenters are better “actors” (more outgoing) and others are more on the quiet side. For those of us who like to make the whole stage their own and not only the square-meter behind the standing desk such a presentation tool could enhance the presentation experience and turn it into a presentation adventure.

Think about the turning cube effect of Apple Keynote (part of iWork). Now think about wanting to present some heavy material to your boss and you need all your physical power to turn the cube from left to right or, maybe even better, lift the cube to turn up. With a motion-sensing presentation tool you would be able to set up a certain resistance into slide change effects. During presentation you would then need to grab an edge of your slide and “manually”

move the slide. (Must be funny if you set up slide effects for yourself and then having someone else do the presentation who is not as strong as you.) You could even do part of your workout during a presentation! Who would have thought.

I think you get the picture. So: Apple, do something about it! It would be fun.

And, Apple, when you are at it: Think about Les Posen’s suggestion to use iPhoto for storing all of one’s Keynote slides.

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