ExaCt 2007 – A Workshop as it should be

This year’s workshop on explanation-aware computing at AAAI-07 was so far the best workshop I ever organised…. I enjoyed the workshop very much.Both invited speakers enhanced my understanding of the field of explanation considerably.


This year’s workshop on Explanation-aware Computing at AAAI-07 was by far the best workshop I ever did. Everything just fit together perfectly. All participants were proactive, positive, and productive. So, thanks to all participants and my fellow organisers! I enjoyed the workshop very much. You will find the presentations soon at the workshop homepage.

I especially like to thank both invited speakers, Doug Walton and Bruce Porter. It was great having you there. Deborah McGuinness, who presented two papers and was, unfortunately, only able to attend on the first day, already accepted my invitation to give a talk at the next ExaCt workshop in 2008 (if time permits).

Besides plans for another workshop we also talked about a tutorial for further promoting explanation research. If you are interested in the topic you might want to join the Yahoo! group on explanation research. And keep an eye on the website on-explanation.net!

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