ECAP, Day #3

The long day with lots of talks and the conference dinner last evening wore me down.

[UPDATE] I have been asked by Susan Stuart, E-CAP director, to become member of the E-CAP Steering Committee. Of course, I accepted!

The long second day with lots of talks and the very nice conference dinner last evening wore me down. My concentration this morning was lousy …

As the keynote talk “Empirical databases, networks, and their logic” by Giovanni Boniolo from the Department of Philosophy, Padova / European Scholl of Molecular Medicine, Milano / Firc Institute of Molecular Oncology, Milano, was outside my scope of research work I could not really appreciate it. But according to comments and questions it was quite good 🙂

There is only one other talk I’d like to mention, a talk that got me worked up a bit: “The concept of the Semantic Web and its flaws” by Jean Robillard from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). It was again one of those talks promising the failure of the Semantic Web. I hope I got the point across that the Semantic Web does not exist yet and not (only) in the way he described, and that it is a bit premature to state or predict its failure.

Thinking about his claims afterwards I think the main problem with his talk is the premise that there exists a “concept of the Semantic Web”. As I understand Tim Berners-Lee and Co’s Scientific American article and his keynote talk last year at AAAI-06 in Boston, the Semantic Web is a vision for the future, a vision many people are working towards. There are many interpretations. And the interpretation that Jean Robillard chose is indeed questionable to become reality.

More presentations are to come. Some more business with the E-CAP organisers needs to be done until I can drive home in the evening.

P.S.: I am an IACAP member as of today.

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