Nepomuk, an Operating System?

In discussions over the last couple of days—during a project meeting in Paris and in particular with Cédric Mesnage—it became clear to me that „the Nepomuk system“ is more of a kind of operating system than an application. The Nepomuk system provides a bundle of services that deal and help to deal with semantical information. The services then are used by applications, which we will build on top of the Nepomuk system. The social semantic desktop, thus, is a platform for semantically enhanced applications.


2 Antworten zu “Nepomuk, an Operating System?

  1. Its not an operating system – fuck I don’t want to write USB drivers.

    The term „operating system“ is wrong, its associated with guaranteed failure – nobody dares to write an operating system today, and nobody will fund you if you plan to do that.

    Nepomuk adds Semantic Services to YOUR operating system. Its more like, you take an emtpy Operating System (Linux) and install LAMP (Linux apache mysql php) and suddenly you are able to do something useful with the operating system. While LAMP works for the web, for the desktop you use NEPOMUK – then you have the nice search engine, the good database, the good personal information management services and the perfect basis to enhance your e-mail client with semantic bits. And you are suddenly member of a P2P network that shares metadata.

    so, its a clever set of services.

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  2. Nepomuk is a middleware as it offers a set of networking, social and semantic services. It is more related to an operating system than to an application. It is different from it as it might not offer usb drivers, but who knows…

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