Update (2006-10-06): The website is up and running: CONTEXT 07.

Today I was invited to be one of three program co-chairs of the next CONTEXT conference. An inivitation I happily accepted. I will be able to suggest PC members and will be responsible for the reviewing process and selection of the papers as well as for arranging the program of the conference with the other co-chairs. I wrote in an earlier post (MRC 2006 @ AAAI-06) that Stefan Schulz and I offered to host the CONTEXT´07, but the offer was turned down. Roskilde University, Denmark, made it. Congratulations guys!


4 Antworten zu “CONTEXT 07

  1. Cool, I just checked the 05 edition and it seems like a very interesting conference.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Sorry to hear you lost the bid, but congrats for the co-chair. Keeps your experience fresh (ECCBR) 😉 . Is there any more info already out? Have not seen a call at the usual channels yet. What about the important dates? And what does that mean for MRC?

    Gefällt mir

  3. At the moment there is not yet anymore information on CONTEXT´07. The conference will be held in summer 2007. Well, duh, not very exact, is it? 🙂 About the future of MRC we have not really thought yet.

    Gefällt mir


    The website for CONTEXT 07 is under rapid development – will be announced widely as soon as cfp is installed
    – see you in Roskilde 🙂

    Gefällt mir

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