Beautiful diagrams with OmniGraffle

Another great tool, which I am growing fond of more each day, is OmniGraffle, „the premier diagramming application for Mac OS X“. This tool was part of the bundle when I got my PowerBook G4. But only when I saw it in action (Thanks again, Cédric!) I figured what a cool tool I already had for quite some time. Well, better late than never, I s’pose. (Look at an example on Cédric’s blog. This is not the only example there, mind you.)

And when you are at it, don’t miss to look at Omni Group’s blog The Omni Mouth and at GraffleTopia where you will find a lot of stencils. When I switched back from a Windows machine–yeah, I was stuck with Windows for a few years of my professional career–I missed especially one application, Visio, with which I had drawn all figures of my dissertation. Well, this hole is filled. Finally.


2 Antworten zu “Beautiful diagrams with OmniGraffle

  1. If you use the pre-packaged version that came with the G4 powerbooks, I suggest that you buy the OmniGraffle 4 Pro. Lots more features, cleaner design… Worth it.

    Gefällt mir

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