Presenting Nepomuk @ MIT

Attending AAAI-06 in Boston and visiting this city are in itself things I am looking forward to very much and for a long time now. But it still gets better: I am going to visit MIT and the founder of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. I will give a presentation on Nepomuk – The Social Semantic Desktop at his research lab.


Eine Antwort zu “Presenting Nepomuk @ MIT

  1. Hi!

    Please put your slides online (if there will be slides).
    BTW, is there any online list of current NEPOMUK materials/sites? has just some general statements and I generally find it a bit troublesome to find in-depth information. I’ve even googled for „FP6-027705“ to find something (and, btw, I found).

    Gefällt mir

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